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Persons’ recognition and identification based on eye biometric parameters

The result of this completed project is Iris Station laboratory stand developed in the DMCS Biometric Laboratory (Fig. 1). It is a high resolution iris image acquisition system dedicated for biometric applications. Currently, together with the developed software, this prototype system allows not only for high resolution image acquisition, but also for real-time eye tracking and identification of the observed person.


Fig. 1. Iris Station as a part of biometric system developed in the Department of Microelectronics and Computer Science.

The acquisition stand allowing high quality iris image acquisition has not been proposed in scientific researches or commercial solutions up to the present. Acquisition of focused images in low depth of field optical system requires automatic positioning of the camera with lens. Application of photo cameras with automatic focus adjustment (called “auto focus”) does not fulfill assumed requirements due to frequent focusing on eyelids, which usually leads to unfocused image of the iris surface. The image acquisition scenario is presented in fig. 2.


Fig. 2. IrisStation image acquisition scenario.

In the presented solution the dedicated system is applied, where image acquisition is performed by digital camera controlled and positioned by personal computer in the real-time – see fig. 3. Moreover the system includes specialized lighting system, precise positioning system of the camera with lens and lighting, optical path with image acquisition system. To minimize impact of accelerations on precise shutter mechanism of camera and photo cameras there was applied a variable frequency control of step motors with ability to independently control motors’ movement while tracking the observed object. A multi-channel control of lighting block allows a variety of lighting conditions, including the ability to acquire iris images with different lighting conditions during single session. The system contains a dedicated support allowing proper and comfortable head placing towards the acquisition system. System’s operation may be summarized in the following steps: a) software installed on the working station acquires image from the camera; b) it localizes iris in the image and verifies if the iris region is focused; c) the focus is corrected if necessary; d) the acquired high resolution iris image is further processed to recognize person’s identity.


Fig. 3. IrisStation control system overview.

The mechanical part of the system was manufactured in the SOCHOR Company, which specializes in precise mechanical systems. The electrical part and the software were developed in the Department of Microelectronics and Computer Science, Lodz University of Technology.


To watch the image acquisition process click here.