DMCSv1 Database
Multimodal Biometric Database of 3D Face and Hand Scans


Detailed description of the DMCSv1 database is given in [1]. This page provides the most relevant information.

The DMCSv1 database is a multimodal biometric database (DMCS stands for Department of Microelectronics and Computer Science and v1 indicates version number of the database). It was acquired within the MBS project. The database contains 3D face and hand scans. According to our knowledge it is the first publicly available database where both sides of a hand were captured within one scan.

For the purpose of the DMCSv1 database acquisition, the MBS Station (Multimodal Biometric System Station) measuring device presented in Fig. 1 was built. Its core elements comprise two 3D scanning heads performing measurements using the structured light technology.

MBSStation hand resized x4

Fig. 1. MBS Station measuring device. Scanning heads positioned for hand acquisition. Both sides of a hand are captured within one scan.

The DMCSv1 database was collected in two sessions. Time interval between the sessions was approximately 2 weeks and varied depending on an individual. Detailed specification of the database is given in the following table:

Number of individuals 35
Number of sessions 2
Number of face scans per
individual per session
5 neutral mimicry
5 smiled mimicry
5 angry, sad or bored mimicry
Number of hand scans per
individual per session
10 left hand
10 right hand
Total number of face scans 35 x 15 x 2 = 1050
Total number of hand scans 35 x 20 x 2 = 1400
Files format .ply (binary)

For each acquisition the following point clouds were collected:

  • scan from the first scanning head
  • scan from the second scanning head
  • merged scans from the scanning heads
  • preprocessed and merged scans from the scanning heads

First three point clouds contain raw data obtained from scanning heads and transformed to common coordinate system. The fourth point cloud contains results of our preprocessing algorithm. Users of the database can choose between using the raw data and developing their own preprocessing algorithms, or performing experiments on the ready-to-use preprocessed data. Sample scans acquired by the MBS Station measuring device and results of their preprocessing are presented in Fig. 2 and 3.


Fig. 2. Sample face scans.


Fig. 3. Sample hand scans.

Unusual samples

Unusual samples in the database are listed in the following table:

Individual ID Comment
0014 moustache
0019 beard
0029 beard
0030 beard
0032 beard

How to obtain

The database is publicly available to research and educational institutions since 29.06.2015.

To obtain the database fill in the release agreement and send it to the DMCS Biometric Laboratory.


[1] W. Sankowski, P.S. Nowak, P. Krotewicz, "Multimodal Biometric Database DMCSv1 of 3D Face and Hand Scans", Mixed Design of Integrated Circuits & Systems (MIXDES), 2015 22nd International Conference, pp. 93-97, June 2015