DMCS-iris-v1 Database
Biometric Database of High Quality Iris Images


Detailed description of the DMCS-iris-v1 database is given in [1]. This page provides the most relevant information.

The DMCS-iris-v1 database is a unimodal biometric database (DMCS stands for Department of Microelectronics and Computer Science, iris shows biometric trait and v1 indicates version number of the database). It was acquired within the MBS project. The database contains high quality iris images acquired in near infrared light.

For the purpose of the DMCS-iris-v1 database acquisition, the Iris Station measuring device presented in Fig. 1 was used.


Fig. 1. Iris Station measuring device.

The DMCS-iris-v1 database was collected in two sessions that varied in ambient lighting. Detailed specification of the database is given in the following table:

Number of individuals 35
Number of sessions 2
Number of images per
individual per session
left iris: 10
right iris: 10
Total number of images 35 x 2 x 20 = 1400
Resolution in pixels 2268 x 1512
Bits per pixel 8
Light NIR
Files format .jpg

Sample images from the database are presented in Fig. 2 and 3.

 0005 l 011 resized

Fig. 2. Sample left iris image.

 0005 r 011 resized

Fig. 3. Sample right iris image.

How to obtain

The database is publicly available to research and educational institutions.

To obtain the database fill in the release agreement and send it to the DMCS Biometric Laboratory.


[1] W. Sankowski, "Adjustment of iris rotation tolerance for biometric comparison", paper submitted for publication in Computer Science Journal, 2020